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Achieving a world free of multiple sclerosis takes more than one person, and there isn’t just one way to accomplish it.

We Challenge MS is a nationwide movement turning people’s ordinary hobbies and passions into extraordinary actions. Whether you choose to create, stream, write, bake, game, craft, walk, share, cycle, run however you choose to challenge MS, know that, #WeChallengeMS together.




Turn your run, bike ride or workout into how you challenge MS. Give yourself a goal and share with your network as you take on a physical challenge.

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Turn the thing you create into how you challenge MS. Maybe you’re a musician, artist, baker, whatever! Share your craft with your community and they’ll be inspired!

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Turn your group hang out into how you and your squad challenge MS. Play some digital games, host virtual trivia or enjoy a happy hour. You can even use our partner Echoage for an easy way to turn your birthday party into a fundraiser.

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Turn your social media account into how you challenge MS. It takes less than 5 minutes to share why a world free of MS is important to you and ask your Facebook friends to donate to your campaign. Maybe even consider asking people to donate in your honour on your birthday!

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Turn your time online into how you challenge MS. Playing video games, live streaming a music or comedy set, teaching art online, or creating YouTube content however you choose do it, you can ask your virtual community to support people affected by MS.

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